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Facebook is launching the largest voting information campaign

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Facebook is launching the largest voting information campaign in American history, with the goal of helping 4 million people register to vote this year.

Facebook is building the Voting Information Center, which will give millions of Americans authoritative information about how and when to vote, as well as details about voter registration, voting by mail and information about early voting. Facebook will include posts from state election officials and verified local election authorities. To make sure everyone gets a chance to see it, Facebook will put this at the top of the Facebook News Feed and Instagram. From July through November, Facebook expect more than 160 million Americans will see authoritative information on Facebook about voting in the general election.

In a democracy, voting is the ultimate way people hold their leaders accountable and make sure the country is heading in the direction people want. Facebook exists to give people a voice, and voting is one of the most powerful ways to make people voice heard. Facebook hope that they can help every eligible voter in the US who uses Facebook platform to vote this year.

Facebook Vote
Facebook Vote

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