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Corona infection in 11 more people in Siraha

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Siraha: Corona infection has been confirmed in 11 more people in Siraha on Saturday. Eleven of the infected are from different parts of India, including Haryana and Bangalore.

District Health Chief Krishna Dev Yadav informed that corona infection has been confirmed in 8 people of Lahan Municipality, 2 people of Dhangadhimai Municipality and 1 person of Kalyanpur Municipality. At the same time, the number of people infected with corona in the district has reached 25.

The 11 infected people came from different parts of India and stayed in the quarantine of their respective municipalities. Throat swabs were collected for PCR tests on June 11 and 12. Health Chief Yadav informed that preparations are being made to take all the infected people to isolation.

Earlier, four police constables working in Bhagwanpur village municipality, four in Bariyarpatti village municipality, one each in Laxmipur Patari, Orahi, Nawarajpur and Sakhuwanankarkatti villages and two police constables working at the District Police Office Siraha were confirmed to be infected with corona.

According to District Health Chief Krishna Dev Yadav, 21 of the 25 confirmed cases in the district are from India. The number of infected people is expected to increase as the number of workers coming home for employment in different parts of India has increased recently.

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