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Priority to employment and production in the budget of Province 1

Reporter Finance / Commerce, National, Province No. 1

Morang: Discussion has started on Thursday on the principles and priorities of the budget presented by the state government in the budget session of state 1 which started on Wednesday.

During the discussion, Kedar Karki, chief whip of the main opposition party Congress, said that the current budget should be based on the principle of making the people masters and serving them. “The government has given priority to the Chief Minister in prioritizing the budget of the state for barefoot people,” he said.

Upendra Prasad Ghimire, a member of the ruling party’s state assembly, said that the government has already implemented one supplementary and two full-fledged budgets.

After the hall of the Provincial Assembly became narrow, the Provincial Assembly Secretariat has managed to accommodate the members of the Provincial Assembly in two halls. “The principles and priorities of the budget should be practical and implementable,” Ghimire said. “Can we now provide the most affected education through the internet?” Therefore, the government needs to understand that the current principles and priorities have changed. ‘

State Assembly member Shekhar Chandra Thapa said that the corona virus epidemic and lockdown had changed the principles and priorities of the budget. Thapa said that the government should not give priority to the Chief Minister’s Rural Road Project in the budget while those who have gone abroad for employment are eager to return to their villages.

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Indra Bahadur Angbo presented the principles and priorities of the budget for the coming fiscal year in the state assembly on Wednesday.

“The forthcoming budget will focus on laying the groundwork for socialism by embracing the belief that the people of the state will be masters, people’s representatives and government servants,” said Angbo. Marketing will be done through cooperatives.

Prevention, control, treatment, relief of corona virus, increase in investment in productive sector, job creation through development of entrepreneurship as well as increasing production and productivity are mentioned in the principles and priorities of poverty reduction. Proper distribution of development dividends, qualitative improvement in education and health sector, development of quality and sustainable infrastructure, development of information technology, expansion and conservation of biodiversity, tourism development and maintaining good governance are mentioned in the principles and priorities of the budget.

As per the constitutional provision, the full budget of the coming fiscal year has to be presented in the state assembly on June 20, the government has started the discussion by presenting the principles and priorities of the budget.

Source: ekantipur