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Let’s not do these 12 things during solar eclipse

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Things not to do during the eclipse

  1. No good deeds or deeds should be started during the eclipse.
  2. No food should be eaten during the eclipse except for pregnant women, the disabled and children.
  3. During the eclipse, it is forbidden to light the stove, keep the lie and cover it.
  4. Do not touch the idols of any deity, Tulsi, Shaligram during the eclipse period.
  5. Except for the sick and the disabled, do not sleep during the eclipse.
  6. You should not fight with anyone during the eclipse.
  7. Do not lie or make any promises to anyone during the eclipse.
  8. Pregnant women should not leave the house during the eclipse period.
  9. Eclipses should not be viewed directly without security. It is best to wear eclipse glasses.
  10. Knives, knives or sharp weapons should not be used during the eclipse.
  11. Worship should not be done during the eclipse.
  12. You should not even take a bath during the eclipse. It is considered inauspicious.

What to do when there is an eclipse?

  1. At the time of eclipse, one should meditate and chant to God.
  2. You should stay calm during the eclipse and chant God’s mantras.
  3. After the eclipse, one should enter every room of the house only by sprinkling Ganga water.
  4. It is considered beneficial to recite Aditya Hriday Stotra during the eclipse.
  5. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra should be chanted to avoid the wrong effect of eclipse.

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