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Government reduces electricity tariff for domestic customers, how much should be paid now?

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July 3, Kathmandu: The government has reduced electricity tariff. A demand charge of only Rs 30 has been levied on lower level customers who consume up to 10 units per month with a 5 amp line. They will be provided electricity free of cost.

The Electricity Regulatory Commission has fixed the new tariff with effect from this July.

According to Dilli Bahadur Singh, chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, customers who connect a single-phase meter of 5 amperes will have to pay a demand fee of Rs 30 when consuming 11 to 20 units. The per unit fee has been fixed at Rs.

  • Those consuming 21 to 30 units will have to pay Rs 50 energy charge and Rs 6.50 per unit electricity tariff.
  • Customers consuming 31 to 50 units will have to pay a demand fee of Rs 50 and a tariff of Rs 8 per unit.
  • Consumption of 51 to 100 units has to pay a demand fee of Rs 75 and a tariff of Rs 9.5 per unit.
  • Similarly, domestic consumers have to pay a demand fee of Rs 100 and a fee of Rs 9.50 per unit if they consume 101 to 150 units.
  • Demand fee of Rs 125 and tariff of Rs 10 per unit has been fixed for customers consuming 151 to 250 units.
  • When consuming 251 to 400 units, you have to pay a demand fee of Rs 150 and a tariff of Rs 11 per unit.
  • Household customers consuming more than 400 units of electricity will have to pay Rs 150 per unit including Rs 150 demand charge.
  • The commission has also set different rates for domestic customers depending on the consumption of power up to 15 amperes, 30 amperes and 60 amperes.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Executive Director Kulman Ghising said that the average electricity tariff has been reduced by 10 percent.

The rate of new tariff is as follows