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Nepal is a least developed country. Lockdown alone does not seem to solve the problem. The government has two main challenges.

  1. To save human life from Covid-19 and
  2. To save the economy

The current situation, that is, the people will not die due to Covid-19 but will die because of starvation. Therefore, it is important to keep the economy afloat.

So far, the WHO has not officially announced that the vaccine is ready. And even if the vaccine is ready, the big economies will start getting vaccinated first. Nepal is not in a position to get vaccinated so soon.

Therefore, the government has to take some important decisions to avoid Covid-19 and save the economy.

Looking back at history, millions of lives have been lost to various epidemics at different times. Of these, between 50 and 100 million people died from the Spanish flu in 1920. Although it is officially called 50 million, some scientists estimate it to be 100 million. In India and China alone, 13 million people lost their lives. Which is still the biggest epidemic.

Take a look at some data from Covid-19.

  • US – 3.09%
  • India – 1.90%
  • Spain – 7.42%
  • Brazil – 3.21%
  • Nepal – 0.42%
  • Nepal has a lower mortality rate than other countries.

Covid-19 mortality

Covid-19 drugs used for illness in the world

  1. Remdesivir (Ebola)
  2. Hydroxychloroquine (Anti Malaria)
  3. Colchicine (Gout Treatment)
  4. Lopinavir & Ritonavir (HIV Treatment)
  5. Plasma Therapy

None of the above drugs are designed to treat Covid-19. But some of these drugs have had good results. Remdesivir was made for Ebola but did not work well and was later used in SARS and is now being used for Covid-19. The results are better than any other medicine. But this medicine is not available in Nepal. Last week, the government of Nepal had called for a tender.

Epidemics usually end in two ways.

  1. After finding the vaccine
  2. By developing the immune system in the body.

The only option we have now is to strengthen our immune system.

According to various researchers, Covid-19 could end if the immune system develops in 70 percent of people. Various countries have now started Serological Survey (Immunity Testing). Some examples:

  • US – 56%
  • Delhi – 28%
  • Mumbai – 40.5%

Decisions to be taken immediately

  1. Serological Test: This is a type of blood test in which when a particular virus attacks our body fights the virus to check whether the immune system has developed. Under this test, healthy people who do not show any symptoms in a certain place in the Red Zone are randomly screened Serum Test. Serum Test – Positive If the person has had the virus at some point and he has recovered without knowing it. Then the number of people in contact tracing of the person is tested to develop immunity. Similarly, after a certain number of tests, an approximate description can be extracted and a decision can be made as required. Using this method, countries like South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan have a lot of control over Covid-19.
  2. Health insurance, additional allowances and safe accommodation should be provided to the health workers and security personnel deployed at the forefront.
  3. In our country of about 30 million people, there are only 3,000 ventilators. Additional Covid Hospital and health workers should be mobilized as soon as possible.
  4. Only yesterday, the Ministry of Health and Public Welfare has called for the application of health workers for the operation of Covid-19 in case of health emergency. But most of the licensed health workers are working somewhere. It is unlikely that he will leave the organization for a limited time and work under the Ministry of Health. In order to fill the required number of vacancies, the students studying in the last year, the students waiting for the final result and the students who are yet to take the license exam can be mobilized by giving the test related to the treatment of Covid-19 for a certain period.
  5. To tighten the Nepal-India border

To save the economy

  1. Domestic flights should be opened.
  2. Factory should be opened at 50% capacity.
  3. Local Transport should be opened at 50% capacity.
  4. Cash transactions should be minimized as much as possible.
  5. E-wallet should be made mandatory in every shop. Although it looks a bit difficult, 3 years ago, when India banned banknotes, small and big traders had connected e-wallets within a month. That doesn’t mean we can’t do it.
  6. Home delivery should be encouraged.
  7. In less infected areas, necessary safety measures should be taken to loosen the wood.

We should not only blame the government but also do some things honestly.

  1. Exercise daily (except for a few)
  2. Eat foods that increase immunity
  3. To reduce cash transactions as much as possible
  4. Accustomed to follow the guidelines given by the government.

In the end

If we change our routine and follow the guidelines given by the government, we can definitely win over Corona. In this time of calamity, maintain mutual cooperation and social harmony as much as possible. You have to die after birth. It is a law of nature only slow and fast. Therefore, instead of being too scared, let us all fulfill our responsibilities honestly.


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Author: Sujit Karna

Birgunj, Parsa

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