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Corona effect: Pushing back major film festivals, including the Oscars and Cannes

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Kathmandu: The date of the world famous Cannes Film Festival has been postponed indefinitely. Not only Cannes, but the epidemic of Kovid-19 has affected film festivals around the world.

There is talk among the filmmakers that the date of the famous Academy Award (Oscar 2021) will be pushed back. Of course, the 93rd edition of the academy is scheduled for February 28. Due to the Corona epidemic, the release of the film was halted in 2020 and the date of the academy was postponed for four months.

Recently, the academy has made a rule that a film that is streaming online can also participate in the Oscars. The condition of film awards is also the same. In the case of film festivals, some have postponed the date of the festival and some have organized the festival online.

The Habitat International Film Festival (HIFF) was scheduled to be held in India on March 21. But the festival has been shifted to May 21.

“I plan to join HIF this year as well. But the lockdown did not allow my plan to be fulfilled. I think it has given film festivals a chance to be screened online, ”theater artist Malayalam told The Hindustan.

Organizers of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and India’s Dharamsala Film Festival (DIFF) have practiced holding the festival online. They have shown the films of the festival to the audience online.

Duff has launched a ‘viewing room’ to show the film and is showing the film made by its students through the website. ‘Lockdown has affected the performance of many films. We have started Weaving Room by making the audience feel the need for online content. We are also showing films that have participated in DIFF, ”said Ritu Sarin, director of the festival.

A documentary film was shown every month at the Kriti Film Club in Delhi. It has also started showing the film on YouTube with the lockdown in mind. Now it is difficult for film clubs and festivals to compete with OTT (Over the Top), says Aanchal Kapoor, the club’s founder.

Similarly, Delhi-based Karat Films has also organized an online short film contest, Lockdown Festival. Many have participated in the festival. The festival also gave new filmmakers the opportunity to participate. The filmmakers were able to present their home-made creations at the festival.

In the current situation, filmmakers see online screening as appropriate. “This medium is accessible and accessible,” said Vidya of the Karat Film Festival, which also hosts online film festivals.

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