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Karthik Aryan says – ‘I am ready to reduce wages’

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There is a lot of interest in how Bollywood’s journey will move forward now that the situation has returned to normal. Bollywood has suffered huge losses during the downturn. Not only this, there is a debate on how to work safely after opening the lockdown.

Now, there are arguments that a small team should be formed while filming the movie. However, hero Kartik Aryan has said that he does not believe that he should work in a small team.

Talking to an Indian journalist, he said, “I am not in favor of reducing people’s jobs. It is necessary to find a solution. It is necessary to think so that people do not lose their jobs and manufacturers do not have to incur losses. For this, I will do my best. We all need to come to a conclusion together. “

Regarding the reduction in wages, Aryan says, “If my wages benefit the city, I am ready to do it.” Bollywood is in for a big shock because of Corona. ‘

Karthik has also argued in media conversations that Bollywood has incurred a loss of Rs 750 crore. Before the lockdown, Karthik was busy shooting for the movie ‘Bhulbhulaiya-2’.